T Henri’s collection is designed by Tyler Henri himself, with his inspiration coming from automobile aesthetics and all designs made to be memorable and eye-catching. All his designs are produced on finite runs, making each pair of glasses a limited edition.

The construction process is to be admired. Each pair of glasses goes through 250 stages – an operation that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. From intricate color schemes, layers of laminates, gold plating, cotton extrusion for the acetates, drying and curing, tumbling, and polishing, there is a multitude of elements that are coordinated and crafted by experts at each instance.

It typically takes 19 months for a pair of glasses to be built, shaped, and pass meticulous quality controls. The runs are small, and always under 199 pairs per model and color option. Most are under 100 pairs, and some are as low as 40, and when they are gone, they are gone.

Handmade in Gabea, Japan, each pair comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The newest arrival is the Scud collection. Titanium with 18K gold plating, and with only 85 pairs available in four colors, these can also be seen as an investment.

Made for any road you choose to take.