Lunor is a company that strives to tread as lightly as it can on planet Earth. Lunor connects with nature daily, based in an eco-friendly building (complete with a beehive) located in the Black Forest in southwest Germany. The company is one of few that is certified as carbon neutral, which is an impressive feat that sets the bar for others.

With over 3 decades in the business, Lunor has got its production down to a fine art. You’ll find titanium, stainless steel, gold, and beautiful forms and patterns of premium acetates. The designs are clean, professional and range from round 1920s Art Deco to the ever-popular rimless Classic.

Lunor’s manufacturing process is both traditional and modern. Combining skillful handcrafted elements with cutting-edge technology, the best of both worlds is combined with expert know-how. Using this integrated approach Lunor can maintain the proficiency that only minds and hands can produce but with the accuracy that precision machines have to offer.

Lunor appeals to those looking for a sustainable, environmentally responsible company that offers cool and neat designs bolstered by first-rate construction.