Prada is a name that is synonymous with Italian luxury. Founded in 1913 in Milan, this stalwart of a fashion house continues to exude power and grandeur. Prada’s initial business was in leather goods, but it had its firsts commercial success with a product line manufactured from a military-grade fabric that was used to cover steamer trunks.

It was the classic Prada handbag that flew off the shelves in 1985 which cemented its position as a global fashion brand. Today, Prada has found success in clothing lines, accessories, fashion runways, costume designs, boutiques, watches, perfumes, and eyewear collections.

Prada’s glasses designs have always been at the forefront of fashion trends, with the current 2023 Linea Rossa range being a fine example. The red and black combination is both sleek and bold, and fronted by screen-legend Jake Gyllenhaal. Its other collections are just as adventurous, with lively colors and striking shapes.

Prada is a name that goes beyond the items it sells. It’s a statement that goes unchallenged and is the go-to brand for those who seek splendor and extravagance.