Maui Jim


Maui Jim has succeeded in distilling the beach vibe into its eyewear collection. Maui Jim’s story is one of entrepreneurship and finding that gap in the market. It was founded in 1980 by a fisherman named Jim Richards, who took to selling sunglasses on the beach – in Maui, Hawaii. The nickname Maui Jim stuck, and a company was formed.

Fast forward to today, Maui Jim glasses have proved to be some of the most popular in the world, and for good reason! All of the sunglasses are polarized, which is an additional layer on the lenses that eliminates glare and provides greater contrast and clarity. The technology used allows Maui Jim to design sunglasses for different sports – a specific lens can be chosen for golf, fishing, running, driving, hiking, tennis, and water sports. And all with 100% UV protection, it’s an easy choice for many.

While Maui Jim is known predominantly for its sunglasses collection, the optical range is extensive and has beautiful designs suitable for all face shapes.

These are the glasses for sun worshippers, sports lovers and beachcombers. And for those who want to take a bit of Hawaii everywhere they go.