Founded in 2017, Arbor is relatively new on the eyewear scene but has managed to give a sustainable shake to the market in a short period. Proudly American and handcrafted with both expertise and finesse, the designs all manage to capture timelessness while looking clean and effortlessly modern.

arbor brands logo

The materials used are what truly sets the brand apart. The acetate frames are constructed from plant-based cellulose, and other frames combine wood, titanium, and carbon fiber to create pairs of glasses that are strong, light, and built to last.

The brand also pays close attention to detail and knows what materials to avoid. Certain elements, such as nickel, are allergenic so Arbor has used hypoallergenic materials to offer comfort to the greatest number of people possible.

We appreciate the “Tree+3” philosophy. For each pair of glasses sold, Arbor plants a tree with a partner organization, OneTreePlanted, and 3% of gross sales is also given to help those in foster care and orphanages. Arbor is a force for good, and we are proud to work together with such a considerate business.