Theo’s eyewear is unmistakable. Bright and lively colors with cheerful designs, these glasses will spark conversations and catch the eyes of others. Be ready for compliments!

Starting as a family-run and owned business in 1989, it now employs over 30 people and has sales partners in over 50 countries. The aim is to inject some fun into the mainstream and offer an alternative to the current offerings. This has certainly been achieved.

Theo glasses tend to focus on small-frame designs, and this is what Theo has become renowned for. It does, however, offer a unique and versatile range of frames. We don’t think you’ll find a pair that packs as much punch as a pair of Theos, and the brand’s creative approach has helped put Belgium on the optical world map.

Theo provides a vibrant mix of colors, graphics, and materials, and “Theo” is even an anagram of the founder’s name, (Patrick) Hoet. These glasses are for the light-hearted, artists, thrill seekers, and for all those wanting to express their funky side.

Theo leads the charge of the avant-garde with a playful smile.