Chrome Hearts


If there is an eyewear brand that manages to encompass rock ‘n’ roll – it is Chrome Hearts. Starting from a Hollywood garage in 1988, with the founders being motorcycle enthusiasts, it initially made its name selling leather items and then expanded into high-end silver jewelry. Today, it continues to stick to its roots, with its base and production in Hollywood, it has expanded its product lines to include gold jewelry, gothic-style ebony furniture, cashmere clothing, and an eyewear collection.

Chrome Hearts is a luxurious rebellion. You’ll find that in the frames’ intricate details. Think gothic mixed with biker, crosses spliced with daggers, and precious stones mixed in among stunning metalwork. Frames are named with the same bold relish, with designs such as Kitshicker, The Beast, Beef Tomato and, Easy Pickens.

There is quite an incredible history of high-profile fans, with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, Cindy Crawford, and Drake, who have all been linked with the brand.

These glasses are unashamedly designed with extravagance in mind. The materials used in construction are second-to-none. Gold, silver, ebony, mahogany from Brazil, animal horn, titanium, and its renowned leather, all make guest appearances. Rock on.